WSJ Technology Report

WSJ has an interesting set of articles. Among them:

Having won broad acceptance for use in the corporate back office, open-source software is looking to challenge Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop PC. The timing — and the technology — are right for an assault to begin, proponents say. But do the challengers have a prayer?

Move over Wi-Fi. WiMax promises to beam high-speed Internet connections across miles, eliminating the need for every building to be wired, and eventually allowing you to use your laptop, unplugged, to get on the Internet from all over the map.

Internet phone service could be the next big thing in telecom, promising more competition, new features and low-cost calling to anywhere in the world. But first, regulators have to decide: Is it more Internet, or more telephone?

With RSS, a program that will track your interests on the Web and send you updates, you don’t have to go out and find information. It finds you.

Companies are increasingly using avatars as imaginary coaches, co-workers and customers in computer-based training sessions designed to help sharpen sales skills, reinforce leadership expertise or boost management prowess.

Companies are turning to collaboration software that creates online “work spaces” — sites where teams can share documents and calendars, engage in discussions about a project or send messages to team members.

Will consumers pay the equivalent of pocket change for online digital content? A number of companies — new and old — are betting the answer is yes.

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