101 ways to improve your News Site

From the list prepared by Jonathan Dube:

  • Post a form at the end of a breaking news story asking witnesses to send in details of what they saw and then add the information you can verify to the story.

  • Invite anyone in your community to write Weblogs for your news site.

  • Take the best content from Weblogs on your news site (now that youve got so many) and publish them in your newspaper.

  • Integrate headlines from your competition into your Web site.

  • Create deals with other newspapers in your state to share content at no cost. Then stop paying for The Associated Press and hire new newsroom staffers with the savings.

  • Create games around the news for wireless devices.

  • Get the people behind the glass doors to require that at least 10% of all deals print/TV-side ad sales folks make include online components or else they dont get their bonuses.

  • Give everyone in your company one day off a month to work on whatever project they want or simply just brainstorm new ideas

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    Rajesh Jain

    An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.