Websites as Blogs

Dana Blankenhorn suggests that every site ought to be a blog:

A blog defines a template with dynamic content in the center and static content along the sides.

Most blogs are built on a database metaphor, to make searching for items easy. Why couldn’t those be product searches?

The best blog packages are also scalable. They enable community as a basic function.

So why do we still see so many static home pages?

Both corporate and political sites still use static home pages and reserve the “blog” for an inside page.

What people most want in pages they bookmark is dynamic content. They want to know that each time they hit the page there will be something new to see. Blogging software enables just that.

The blogging metaphor also makes it simple to build a site that’s dynamic, scalable and easy-to-maintain.

So dump your current site. Do a redesign. Get Movable Type, or Radio, and create a dynamic, scalable, database-driven, easy-to-update site in minutes.

Great points!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.