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Dina Mehta points to an InfoWorld article about NearTime’s Flow and Learning Management Solutions’ KnowledgeWorkshop.

Near-Time last week launched Flow, its peer-to-peer CM (content management) and KM software that allows users to access, manage, and repurpose content using a range of standards. Support for XML, HTML, RSS, Atom FTP, WebDAV, and SMTP allows Flow to target the full information lifecycle, said Reid Conrad, president and CEO of Near-Time.

This life cycle includes gathering, authoring, organizing and publishing content. “Through the [Flow] authoring environment, users can access the Internet, bring in RSS feeds, use contextual capabilities, and publish content as e-mail,” Conrad said. “Flow provides collaborative content and knowledge management at the client level.”

Also approaching KM from the user’s perspective, Learning Management Solutions last week introduced its company and its KnowledgeWorkshop software. The software allows users to create personally relevant associations and connections between information drawn from a variety of sources, including Web pages, e-mail, documents, PowerPoint slides, databases, and spreadsheets. These connections form an information map, called a knowledge base, that is packed down into a single XML file that can be e-mailed or exchange online, said Graham Glynn, CEO of Learning Management Solutions.

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