Business Week’s Asian Stars

Three Indians in Business Week’s list of 25 “Stars of Asia” – Sonia Gandhi, Ratan Tata and Nasscom chief Kiran Karnik.

Here is what BW wrote on Karnik: ” As the outsourcing debate in the U.S. has raged over the past year, the individual who may have the most to lose has been a picture of calm. In the face of a steady flow of invective from Washington and U.S. state governments, Kiran Karnik — the quiet, brainy chief of India’s software trade group, Nasscom — has avoided any angry words. His response has been to point out that the U.S. economy gets $2 in benefit for every $1 that American companies spend on outsourcing in India. Indian companies buy U.S. hardware and software, Indian tech workers spend wages in the U.S. and pay taxes there, and U.S. consumers save through lower costs at companies.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.