JBoss’s Plans

News.com writes:

Open-source company JBoss is looking to expand into integration and business process automation software, potentially through acquisitions, a company executive said Friday.

The company is evaluating a plan to purchase an existing infrastructure software, or middleware, company and make its product available for free under an open-source license, Bob Bickel, JBoss’ vice president of corporate development and strategy, told CNET News.com.

“We intend to have an entire middleware stack under a professional open-source business model and grow it on an incremental basis over the next one or two years,” Bickel said.

JBoss is looking specifically to open-source, standards-based integration software, called an enterprise service bus, and business process management (BPM) software, which is server-based software for automating complex business processes, Bickel said. Currently, enterprise service bus and BPM software are offered by both large commercial software companies and smaller, specialized ones.

This will be good if it happens. SMEs need something like SAP’s NetWeaver – something we are working on with our Visual Biz-ic.

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