6 Clarifying Questions

Johnza points to a post by Cliff Atkinson which discusses questions to ponder “when you’re so far along you seem to have lost your way, sometimes it’s easiest to map your way back to the beginning.” Johnza applies the same questions in the marketing context:

– WHO: Who do you need to be thinking about? Who are your target customers, your competition, your partners, your constituents?
– WHAT: is your product, offering, category?
– WHY: should you exist in the first place? What is your vision and mission?
– WHERE: are you trying to go? What are your goals and objectives?
– HOW: are you going to achieve them? What is your core strategy or play, what bets are you making? What are the tactics your will deploy?
– WHEN: are you going to do what? What is the actual plan for rolling out these strategies over time? With what realistic milestones and expectations?

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.