Tim O’Reilly at OSCON

The presentation is here. It discusses what’s on Tim O’Reillly’s radar. From a report by Daniel Steinberg:

The platform is the Internet and not the PC. These applications are built on top of open source but are not themselves open source. Tim says that’s OK because they have built tremendous value. More importantly, if we want to move open source forward, we have to understand that the whole model of what constitutes open source doesn’t work. For example, you could give away the Google code and still not be able to implement Google. If we’re thinking of openness we have to ask what openness means in that context: a world where an app runs on 100K servers and Richard Stallman cannot run it on his personal machine.

As you create your web-based applications, ask how you might build a participatory level around the data in the same way that eBay and Amazon.com have done. Tim left this topic asking who is going to control the key namespaces and who will integrate the entire open source stack. He suggests we think beyond Linux and ask who is going to be the Dell of open source and make sure that evrything works well together.

From one of the presentation slides:

– The Internet, not the PC, is the platform
– Apps are built on top of open source, but not
themselves open source
– Doc Searls DIY-IT a key to success
– Services, not packaged applications
– Source code + compilation ≠ application
– Exploring how to become platform players via web services APIs
– Data aggregators, not just software
– User contributions key to market dominance

There’s also a discussion about social software.

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