Product Development for the Lean Enterprise

Steve Neiderhauser writes about “a presentation by Michael Kennedy regarding the concepts in his book – Product Development for the Lean Enterprise.”

This book takes you on a journey that explores the Toyota product development system — referred to as Knowledge-based Development (KBD). Why Toyota?

Toyota’s new product engineers are 400 percent more productive than those employed by most companies. The result? Toyota has more net profit than all other auto makers.

Dont let the phrase Lean Enterprise fool you. This book isnt about linear improvements, its about a summersault into the future that generates a host of benefits that are off the charts for the typical American company:

– 4X increase in development productivity
– 2-3X decrease in development cycle time
– 2-3X decrease in development costs
– 2-10X increase in innovation
– 2-5X decrease in development risk

You see, if you embrace KBD and take the offensive, this strategy will enable you to checkmate the competition. As Kennedy said in his presentation, When a company performs at this level, its game over.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.