Turning Random Chance into Runaway Success

Susan RoAne writes about the eight traits of people who do “who see the opportunity, perceive a possibility and parlay it into something positive, which has a measure of success. They dont just see opportunity, they seize it. They are observers who pay attention: to issues, problems, perplexing situations, and to people. Whether their moment of serendipity turned into a job or business, or two tickets to the Olympics or even the opera, they are OPEN! Because of that, they create their own luck.”

1. They talk to strangers.
2. They make small talk.
3. They drop names.
4. They eavesdrop and listen.
5. They ask for/offer help.
6. They stray from their chosen paths.
7. They exit graciously without burning bridges
8. They say YES when they want to say NO.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.