Radio Decline?

Barron’s has a story which discusses the “long-term decline” of radio in the US: “there’s increasing concern that radio is entering a long-term decline, the result of new competition and technologies and changing consumer tastes. Younger adults — the key targets of radio advertising — have clearly been losing their ardor for the medium. By one key measure, the number of listeners ages 18 to 34 has declined by about 8% in the past five years, as portable digital-music players, Internet radio programming and other innovations have started to take hold. And while the dollars spent on radio advertising have been essentially flat for the past few years, competing media like cable TV, the ‘Net and outdoor advertising have been gaining steadily.”

Radio is another market where the opportunities may lie more in the Eastern markets than in the West. In India, radio is growing – especially if the government approves the revenue sharing plan for FM operators.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.