Broadband Importance

Indian policymakers would do well to read what Om Malik has to say on the transformational potential on broadband in nurturing innovation: “the axis of technology world has moved to somewhere in South China Sea. I think we sit in our ivory towers with a myopic view of the world, getting excited about WiFi. Look when there are going to be a half-a-billion people in Asia using 50 megabits per second broadband connections, some of them – lets assume 0.0001% – will figure out a new use for the speed, will write applications and decide the direction of broadband. That will result in another 0.0001% figuring out how to build new hardware to make those networks work their way. You see where I am going with it.”

Ninad Mehta has some comments on what needs to be done in the US.

Moving to India, I think it takes genuine effort to make a mess of things at the policy-level. We seem to be getting quite good at it in India. Let’s just keep it simple: make broadband infrastructure buildout a national priority, get rid of every reuglation that gets in the way, and then stop and let the market decide.

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Rajesh Jain

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