Dell: Going from Good to Great

How Dell Got Soul is the story in Strategy+Business about the growing up of Dell. “When growth slowed in Y2K, the computer makers leaders realized they needed to redesign their win-at-all-costs culture.”

How Mr. Rollins, together with company founder Michael S. Dell and other leaders, put Dell back on track makes a powerful case for the role corporate culture plays in enduring business performance. Their story also strongly suggests that, over the long run, the healthiest and wealthiest companies are those that define their strategies and management systems with a purpose beyond merely increasing returns to shareholders.

What great companies have always done is to find ways to appeal to another side of human nature, wanting to be associated with something thats great, says John P. Kotter, an expert in leadership and culture and a retired Harvard Business School professor. You want to find the nature of what youre making exciting and believe that this product or service does something useful for humanity. Great companies institutionalize that, and you cant fake it.

Its not just in your business model, Professor Kotter says. Its in peoples hearts.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.