Craig Newmark Interview

Excerpts from an interview with the creator of Craigslist in Wired:

We’ve created a culture of trust and fairness. The site makes it easier for people to get everyday stuff done, like selling things and finding an apartment. Then there’s another aspect – it has helped people who have a hard time meeting other people. They’re using the site and becoming friends, lovers, and every possible twist on those two situations.

[My corporate mantra is] Give people a break. A break from how difficult our lives are. It’s like, if you’re walking out of your apartment building and somebody is coming the other way with an armful of groceries, you hold the door. It feels good – it’s the neighborly thing to do. And our species survives by cooperating.

The New York Times adds:

In all, 57 cities have Craigslist sites, including 3 in Britain and 3 in Canada. Together, the sites attracted more than five million individual visitors in July, who registered more than a billion page views.

Craigslist does not charge for most postings and transactions on the site. It does charge $75 for employers to post job listings on the San Francisco/Bay Area site, and it charges $25 for employers to post listings in New York and Los Angeles.

Revenues of $10 million might seem to make Craigslist highly lucrative, given that the whole enterprise is operated by a paid staff of 14.

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