Nextaris: Web Research Dashboard

SearchEngineWatch writes:

Nextaris pulls together all of the tools you need to find, save, and share information with others in a single online location.

Nextaris, from the same folks that brought you SurfWax, is an initial effort to integrate the various tools we all use in online research. Like other online web research managers, lets you create folders to save cached copies of web pages, and search the content you’ve saved. There are also tools that allow you to easily publish the content you’ve found, to a web site or a blog.

What sets Nextaris apart are the additional tools it provides, all accessible via tabs. The search tab gives you access to a few dozen search engines. Unlike SurfWax, which is a meta search engine, you select search sources with radio buttons. Another tab lets you create news trackers which automatically find news and recent information from over 4,000 sources. A separate, personal news page is created and updated twice daily for each NewsTracker.

To me, the most interesting feature Nextaris offers is the ability to share folders with others. This is a true peer-to-peer system, allowing you to collaborate in virtually real-time with others. Beyond sharing folders of saved research with others, Nextaris also has a messaging system that lets you communicate with collaborators, as well.

I can see this being particularly useful for team members that need to work the web together. Business researchers should find Nextaris helpful for doing competitive analysis work, for example. Librarians building web directories will be able to more easily share and maintain their portals with these tools.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.