eBay’s Challengers

WSJ writes that competitors are finding success by focusing narrowly:

Despite little competition in the broad online-auction market, eBay faces vibrant challengers in a number of specific categories, including the following:

Event Tickets: StubHub.com says it’s thriving with a site that auctions tickets for everything from New York Jets football games to Christina Aguilera concerts in part by guaranteeing that buyers will receive tickets in time for eventssomething eBay doesn’t do.

Automobiles: AutoTrader.com says it has many more used-car listings than eBay on its classified-vehicle advertising site. The company also says eBay’s format, which requires users to make their purchases online, doesn’t work well for most car buyers.

Real Estate: eBay executives say they’ve made little progress in real-estate sales. Why? Largely, the multiple-listings service Realtors have relied on for years has proved to be an efficient way to advertise homes through a wide variety of online venues, including Realtors’ own sites.

Books, Music, Video: Analysts say eBay rival Amazon.com has successfully established itself as an alternative way for individuals and small merchants to sell books, music and videos, three areas where Amazon already has a big following.

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