Connecting Blog Categories

Carrick Mundell writes:

What if you could be reading someone’s blog, or even your own, and you see that the blogger has assigned a category to his post, and that category is a link to, presumably, all his other posts assigned to that category… what if when you click that link, you not only get related posts from the blog you’re reading but from all other blogs (MT or not) that use that category? The resulting related posts from other blogs would be ordered by most recent at the top and limited to, say, five or ten displayed at one time. Suddenly, you would see an immediate connection between the post you’re reading and all other posts in the entire blogosphere. I think that would be very cool.

Now, implementing this would be the real challenge. First of all, we know it’s difficult to index blogs. I still don’t find much utility in Technorati or Feedster. There’s so much noise and, it seems, latency. A simple, and in the end, non-scalable solution would be to use trackbacks to a central system of some kind. The idea of all MT blogs pinging a central system with category and summary data might work but could become hopelessly bogged down once you have thousands, if not millions, of browsers asking for related data to every blog post ever written. And that’s’ just MT blogs. Seems like a more distributed system would be in order, something P2P-ish.

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