Opening up TV, a new API

Kontra writes: “Just like Microsoft (and Google, Amazon and eBay), one day all TV networks will have to digitally restructure their content and publish their APIs so that anyone can reliably and reasonably plug into them. That’s the difference between dormant assets and a constantly evolving and extending platform.”

Suggestions for NBC: “NBC should transform itself into a content platform that provides not just finished TV shows but a wide spectrum of technical functions, including extensive metadata on its programs; pervasive indexing; advanced text, audio and video search on its stock library; speech-to-text conversion; statistical data for its news, sports, quiz and financial shows; media format conversion; automated graphical skinning and rebranding tools; e-learning templates; reviews; ratings and so on. In other words, it should not only provide the footage but all the tools necessary to enable third parties to easily plug into and remonitize what would otherwise be dormant assets.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.