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[via Rafat Ali] Communications Engineering & Design writes:

When it comes to broadband gaming, it looks like the cable industry will be playing for keeps.

And why not? Its pretty much consensus among industry analysts that the online gaming market will blow up (in a good way) over the coming years.

Accounting for $353 million in subscriptions and sales revenue in 2003, the market will triple to more than $1 billion by 2008, forecasts the Yankee Group, in a recent study. Throw in advertising revenue and the figure could approach $4 billion, says research firm InStat/MDR, a sister company to CED.

Thats hefty growth for a sector thats quickly shedding its label as a niche market, and its no surprise that cable operators are positioning themselves to grab a piece of that pie. Armed with high-speed pipes and a gaming-friendly PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) architecture looming on the horizon, its fair to say that cable definitely has gaming on the agenda.

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