Mobile User Interfaces

Russell Beattie writes: “People who use PCs are accustomed to buttons and drop downs, and check boxes, etc. But my main point is that soon the PC will be seen as an extension of the phone, not the other way around. When that happens, it’s not the phone that is going to need to emulate the PC, but vice-versa. We need to think outside the current pardigms of user interface design and figure out what makes the most sense for users to learn. They need one and only one way of navigating the hierarchy of options available to them on a mobile computing device, not several. They’ll learn something once, and apply it to many places. I’m sure that’s some basic tenet of HIC writen somewhere out there. Then the apps have to centralize on all that miscellaneous data. Put it somewhere central where we can find and manage it. Whether it’s settings data (which users shouldn’t see, but practicality says they will anyways) or user generated data. That all needs to be put somewhere where it’s manageable without a lot of effort. Otherwise if a user has to go to three different apps to clear out little alert icons on the main screen? They just won’t do it.”

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Rajesh Jain

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