Weblog Wishlist

Dina Mehta points to a post by Lisa Williams which summarises the resposnes ot a question posed by Dave Winer: “Whats next in writing tools for weblogs?”

Lisa summarises: “The world that bloggers envision and hope to create, one post at a time, is one that is open, honest, and expansive. A world in which both the unknown person and the elite have an equal opportunity to speak their mind. A world in which digital history in the form of links, articles, posts, and other media doesn’t get stuffed down the memory hole by short-sighted media corporations or technical disasters. A world in which the voice of everybody who can find a browser and type — which is still not open to all but is opening to more and more people all over the world every day — can have their say. A world in which the average person has more options than yelling back at their TV, but instead has a real platform to talk back to the media, their government, their fellow citizens, their fellow human beings. A world in which their ideas may outlive them, even if nothing else does.”

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Rajesh Jain

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