Softbank’s Son on Broadband

AlwaysOn Network has excerpts form an interview with Softbank’s Masayoshi Son (from the WSJ conference ‘D: all things digital’):

I think the TV or the PC or the handheld device all become just a subset terminal output device for the internet broadband service. So in broadband service you have lots of content or services in the server, in the network. You don’t need that much on the local thing. Everything would be network computing, and innovation would happen along the network. I think it would be total set that makes it very powerful.

TV advertising is 40 billion dollars in Japan. There is no reason why broadband advertising will be less, because every TV will become robust. The new television will be all broadband. Every television set will be connected to broadband, so ten years from now you won’t call it a television set if it is not connected to broadband. Broadband will provide all the advertisements for every television.

[Users] are buying the highest-speed internet service, 45 megabits, and the wireless [mobile services] and Voice Over IP and security, and so on. We are adding the television service on top of that. I think that average revenue per user would become $60 or $70…Today we are charging $20 per month for television. It’s just the beginning, so I think we will have a much bigger base of users for the television, the average revenue will become $60 or $80.

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