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Adam Rifkin estimates the size of the personal web, and writes: “Personal Webs with recommender systems that take into account what I like to read and write, and what people I trust like to read and write, is the only way to make sure those 21 Gigabytes count.”

Yahoo’s launch of its personal search is interesting. Chris Sherman writes:

The new My Yahoo Search is well implemented and easy to use, but doesn’t offer compelling reasons to use it unless you’re looking for what amounts to an enhanced bookmark utility that’s tied to Yahoo search results. It’s great to see companies like Yahoo and Ask Jeeves taking baby steps toward true personalization of search results. And I fully expect to see more robust features and enhancements to personal search from both search engines, probably in the very near future.

But for now, my reaction is “that’s nice,” as I continue my daily use of personal web managers like search engine independent, industrial strength Furl.

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