Taking on Cisco and Lucent

[via Frank McNeill] Forbes writes about Simon Lok’s plans:

Simon Lok is brash and brilliant and intense, a 26-year-old computer scientist with a teensy company and big, conqueror dreams. He has developed an elegant little networking box that shuts out intruders and costs 80% less than the gear hawked by the giants he despises–Cisco, Lucent, those guys.

Anyone who has had to run a data network, he says, knows exactly how he feels. That frustration drove him to start his own company, Lok Technology, which now targets the next big wireless market–Wi-Fi and a new wave of WISPs (wireless Internet service providers) that offer Net access over free airwaves and charge people for the ride. The firm’s Airlokdevice handles most of the core chores of running a network, signing up new users, checking passwords, routing traffic and, most important of all in this leaky, insecure age, protecting networks from hackers and viruses.

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Rajesh Jain

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