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[via Shrikant] Kevin Werbach writes:

An update on Skype’s P2P voice over IP service, courtesy of Jeff Clavier:

* 13M+ users registered
* 1M+ simultaneous users reached for the first time a couple of weeks ago
* 2,384,686,217 minutes served, as I type this – i.e almost 2.4 billion minutes. Just to put things in perspective: Vonage has 170,000 customers and passed the billion minutes mark sometime in 2004
* 295,000 users have signed for SkypeOut (Skype has a goal of 5% conversion from the free service to SkypeOut)

If you haven’t tried Skype, you should. The sound quality is surprisingly good, even though it uses peer-to-peer connections over the public Internet. They just announced availability of the Skype API, which will let developers build new applications and functionality on top of the platform.

I was originally dismissive of Skype, because it was free, private, and software-only. But I now thing it’s a bigger deal than people realize. It’s an example of how VOIP is changing the game in telecom, not just allowing in new competitors.

Engadget has an interview with CEO Niklas Zennstrm.

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