SBC CEO Interview

WSJ talks to Edward E. Whitacre Jr. about his TV plans, among other things.

5 Reasons to Get TV From Your Phone Company, According to Ed Whitacre

  • REASON 1: Phone companies have a trustworthy reputation.

  • REASON 2: Phone companies already offer TV via partnerships with satellite companies and can’t keep up with demand.

  • REASON 3: Cable companies have a tradition of raising prices every year.

  • REASON 4: SBC would likely offer cable channels a la carte.

  • REASON 5: Consumers who buy all their services from SBC would get a big discount.

  • The future as the SBC CEO sees it: “You can be watching television, probably on a thin screen plasma screen. If you get a phone call, the number displays on the television screen, doesn’t interrupt the picture — and it will tell you who’s calling. If you wish to take [the call] you can take it by pushing a button on your remote. You can sit there and view content off of your computer — maybe it’s family pictures. Or, somebody sent you an e-mail; it will pop up on the screen while you’re watching TV in the left-hand corner. If you are watching a basketball game and you would like to have an overhead view, you’d click a button and you change the camera angle. If you’re interested in what everybody else is watching at that time, or maybe what’s hot on TV, you can push a button and it will tell you who’s watching what across the nation.”

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