Software Blades

Steve Gillmor writes:

Sitting in the Imax theater of the Tech Museum of Innovation for the Solaris 10 rollout, I watched Scott McNealy not talk about the futuristic SunRay sitting on the stage. Five years ago I sat in the press room laughing as a bank of SunRays blinked on and off in unison. No way, I thought, nobody is gonna tear me away from my ThinkPad. Now Scott was leaving the SunRay conversation for us to pick up, knowing full well that a zero install free OS with no viruses needs only a good synchronization standard (hello attention.xml) to enable persistent caching for mobile devices.

So complete is the Sun transformation that it fell to McNealy to answer a news conference question about blades with the elegant “software blades,” a nod to Solaris 10s container technology and a bear hug for Jonathan Schwartz virtualization of the Sun revenue model going forward. Its a marriage of the Big Freakin Webtone Switch with software as a service and cycles on demand. In this world, podcasting is nothing more (or less) than long-form ring tones.

Windows still sits in the middle, but now, with the BlackBerry, the iPod, the Mac, Wi-Fi, and RSS, I can route around it. More and more, I miss it less and less.

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Rajesh Jain

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