Clearwire’s Tests

Wi-Fi Networking News writes about feedback from early customers in Jacksonville, Florida:

Julio Ojeda-Zapata of the (St. Paul) Pioneer Press reports that Clearwires next expansion in St. Cloud, Minnesota, hasnt materialized beyond a test setup, but that it works as advertised. Clearwire uses broadband wireless technology thats probably a precursor to WiMax.

Ojeda-Zapata interviewed some Floridians about the service, and they werent just happy about it, but quite ecstatic. One user had access when his cable modem went down during a hurricane. A few discuss how portable the modem is, requiring just an AC outlet in the service area. Clearwire might combine some of the best aspects of DSL/cable (high speeds), 3G cellular (ubiquity), and Ricochet (driverless transferability).

That last is quite important: if I have to install drivers on my computer and reconfigure it for access, thumbs down. If I just plug into an Ethernet port, thumbs up. This was one of the factors that held back smaller-city provider Monet Networks: the lack of this kind of Ethernet-based hookup. And its one of the driving reasons behind the business model for Junxion, a Seattle company that has a cellular data box with Ethernet and Wi-Fi built in.

Into this world of wireless broadband will come thin clients with embedded network connections.

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