Mobiles for All

Russell Beattie starts work at Yahoo and has a suggestion for corporates (including Yahoo): “Every Yahoo employee needs a free (or heavily subsidized) color mobile phone with unlimited internet connectivity. Yahoo would never dream of employing people and not giving them a PC with access to the internet right? Even if their job was only marginally related to being online, I’m sure the company wants their employees to be familiar with Yahoo’s products and services, right? I mean, they even provide internet access kiosks in the hallways for visitors. Well, the mobile phone is the same way. Corporations need to start looking at mobiles not as a private devices or a cost-center, but as a new way to do business. Want to have the best mobile services on the planet? Get a few thousand of your own employees using mobile data on a daily basis and see what happens!”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.