Decentralising eBay

Adam Rifkin writes:

The dominance of eBay in one sense violates the underlying philosophy of the web. That is, the web isn’t all hosted in one place, so why should there be one dominant marketplace where buyers and sellers go to meet? Why should there be one dominant place where reputations and opinions of products get stored? Why should there be one dominant place where people I know and trust for referrals get stored? There shouldn’t be.

Commerce over the web should be as decentralized as the web itself. In such a world, search engines become more important, and pubsub becomes more important (as buyers and sellers regularly want to publish and subscribe to messages saying “I want to buy this” or “I want to sell this”). There’s a very exciting future out there, waiting to be invented…

What’s needed is an SME Trade Information Marketplace.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.