Meeting Ramesh Jain

Ramesh Jain writes about our meeting and interest in next-gen search: “We both are interested in this topic and feel that this area is ready for some interesting technical approaches and new businesses. It will be great if a comapny for next generation search technology came from India. Not impossible, but also not an easy thing to happen considering the history of IT industry in India. India has done very well and is doing even better in service industry, but has failed to produce any product so far. It will happen, but the question is how soon?” In this context, it is interesting to read Ramesh’s white paper on search.

It would be good to build a world-class product company out of India. We have the talent and the capital – both need to come together now.

Ramesh’s thoughts on India: “All the signs clearly indicate that India is on a major upswing in its economy and its confidence about future. Very good to see that. Being an Indian, I feel very good about it. But India has a long way to go before as a country it can compete in overall living standard with most developed countries. There are signs of uneven economic development everywhere. It is important to pull the lower level masses also into this economic boom along with a only a minority in urban areas. And this remains a major challenge.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.