Personal Communicator and Computer

Ramesh Jain writes:

The quality and functionality of mobile phones keeps on improving at a rapid rate. Combine this with the increasing availability of video content on phone and increasing bandwidth, and you clearly see what will be the real multimedia client for information and communication technology.

I do believe that for many reasons, mobile phones are real PCs (Personal Computer) or really PCCc(Personal Computer and Communicator). Currently computers have evolved to be the most common means for ICT (information and communication technology). This was natural because ICT evolved out of computing. Now we are at a very important point in the evolution of mobile phone technology. Due to miniaturization of sensors, processors, and storage, it is becoming possible to bring enough computing power in mobile phones. This computing power is definitely not comparable to today’s computers, but definitely can be compared favorably with lap top computers of a few years ago. The more important thing is that the computing power is becoming enough to utilize mobile phones as a powerful client, more powerful than traditional clients of modern road warriors the lap top computer. Why do I think that it will is a better device to replace a lap top for many uses?

Are there any inherent limitations in phones? I really dont think so. The screen size is the one that people will mention. I think that in future screens will be very good quality, of course they will be smaller than your media room’s 65 inch TV, but for mobility I am willing to settle for a smaller screen as long as it gives me good quality video. And that is already started it is not yet there but will be there soon.

I think of the PCC as the “network commPuter.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.