Reliance Infocomm’s R Connect Card

I recently bought a RIM R Connect card. It is a PCMCIA card which goes into the laptop, and works as both a modem and mobile phone. I use the modem part to connect to the Internet while travelling. Has been working very well. The speeds are moderate – I’d say about 30-odd Kbps or so. The card uses Reliance’s CDMA networks which are in 1,000+ cities and towns across India. So far, I was recommending this card to others for connectivity but had not got it myself since I hardly travelled. But of late, the travelling is increasing and so I decided to get it.

The card is more convenient than using the cellphone with a data cable (though it is also more expensive). It takes about 5 seconds to get connected. The tariffs: Rs 14,700 for the card, and Rs 650 per month for 1 GB downloads. There is also a Rs 1,500 option for unlimited data transfer.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.