Yahoo’s Video Search writes:

The beta site searches for files in Microsoft’s Windows Media, Apple Computer’s QuickTime and RealNetwork’s Real Media.

Video search is hitting prime time for a several reasons. Many people now have high-speed Internet access at home and work, and are warming to online video now that it’s not excruciatingly choppy and slow. The costs of creating, hosting and delivering video have also dropped, making more multimedia available.

Finally, the Internet is maturing into an entertainment platform for television, via convergence devices that combine PC and TV features, and search will be essential for people to find and watch media, whether its available over broadband, pay-per-view cable or broadcast.

For search providers, offering searchable video is an extremely attractive new market because it not only keeps them relevant to consumers hungry for multimedia, but it also helps them appeal to brand advertisers, which spend about $60 billion annually on commercials.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.