Exploding PCs and Appliance Relationships

[via Abhijit Nandy] Steve Makofsky points to a series by Leslie Orchard on “the relationship between appliances and computers, and how homes will eventually have multiple task-specific embedded devices instead of a central computer.” Writes Leslie Orchard in one of the articles: “One thing Im really looking forward to is seeing the PC explode and turn inside out, like the Home Motor. The price of processors drops, while their power increases. So far in computing, the processor has been a pricey central resource, demanding to be shared between programs and peripherals. But soon, it wont be too far fetched to think of a processor as the least precious part. In fact, computers could get so cheap as to be given away, while well-built tools and appliancesmore than just software alonebecome the valuable thing…Theres a lot of work that would need to be done here to get the right balance between inter-appliance paranoia and end-user convenience, but I think that simpler task-focused devices isolated from each other but linked by task-centered agreements could go a long way toward killing the free-for-all playground environment spyware and virus authors have today.”

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