Resolutions for Microsoft has a list of suggestions for 2005 from Directions on Microsoft:

  • Better detailed, multiyear road maps for major products such as Windows XP, Office and Exchange.

  • Revenue-generating acquisitions. According to Directions on Microsoft, the Great Plains Software, Navision and GeCad buys are not delivering enough fast enough.

  • Better security–“despite laudable efforts by Microsoft, such as drop-everything-else code review, security is still a problem…In fact, the bad guys seem to be winning.”

  • Making the PC a home entertainment hub, not trailing integrated digital-lifestyle approaches that, at the moment, are led by others, notably Apple Computer.

  • Fending off open-source software. This is about server software but now increasingly also about the desktop, in the form of the Linux operating system, the Firefox browser, and and its commercial variants.

  • There are a few others, but no hints for an emerging markets strategy. Arguably, that’s a critical challenge and opportunity.

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    Rajesh Jain

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