Quadruple Play

Triple play was about a combined offering of voice, video and the Internet. Now, it is time to add a fourth element ot the bundle – wireless. WSJ writes:

Telephone companies and cable operators are increasingly competing with each other by offering customers a complete telecommunications “bundle,” including television, high-speed Internet, landline telephone and now cellphone services. The theory: A customer getting multiple services from a single provider — on one bill, at a discount — will be less likely to defect.

Over the past year, cable companies have been aggressively pushing their phone service, which allows customers to make phone calls over their broadband connections — letting the companies offer the triple play of high-speed Internet, TV and phone.

Phone companies, which can offer phone service and high-speed Internet connections, have teamed up with satellite-TV providers to offer their version of the bundle. The three biggest local phone companies — Verizon Communications Inc., SBC Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corp. — already own chunks of the major wireless phone carriers, giving them a leg up on the cable providers in offering cellphone service.

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Rajesh Jain

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