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[via Smart Mobs] The Feature has an article by Mike Masnick:

There’s software that will let you log into your desktop from other machines (including mobile devices) and there are tools to sync your desktop to a server on a regular basis. However, if you’re mobile, these still have some limitations. The mobile interface and the desktop interface don’t always mesh — especially if you’re on the go and just need to dig up a quick bit of info from your desktop.

Venture capitalist Kevin Laws has noticed that a solution may be on the way — even if those responsible for it haven’t noticed it yet. A number of startups, along with all of the major search engines, are working furiously on desktop search products. These tools will scan your desktop and record everything from email to web sites surfed to word processing documents. Some, like Google’s beta desktop search tool, will then integrate the results into the standard Google interface. What Laws has noticed is that by adding a simple interface between the desktop search and a web server, you could easily search your desktop from afar, and quickly download whatever information you needed. If you made changes, you could then quickly upload them — or even (if the companies got ambitious) have it sync automatically.

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