TV’s On-Demand Future

Boston Globe writes:

The next generation of TV would hardly be recognizable to Philo Farnsworth, the farm boy who invented the medium. You’ll choose exactly which shows you want to watch, and watch them on your schedule, on whatever device is most convenient. You’ll even be able to “edit” a show yourself, choosing to watch only the scoring drives from Sunday’s Patriots game, or just the stories from the local news that relate to your neighborhood. The ads you see will be tightly targeted, pitching Jordan’s Furniture and Brinks Home Security if you’ve just bought a new house, for instance.

Cable companies, satellite companies, Internet companies, and even phone companies are all angling for a spot at the vanguard of the TV revolution. And Boston-area start-ups like Navic Networks, Gotuit Media, and NetCableTV want to be the arms merchants, supplying the infrastruc-ture and services that will be necessary to support the coming “on-demand” model of television: a medium controlled by the viewer, not by the networks.

“It’s a great time to be a consumer,” says Will Richmond, president of Broadband Directions, a consultancy in Newton. “You’ve got lots of companies investing to do things that are adding more value to the consumer’s life, giving them more control and more selection.”

Scott Kirsner writes about SeaChange International, Navic Networks, Akamai Technologies, Jeremy Allaire’s new company, Ucentric Systems, Broadbus Technologies, Gotuit Media and NetCableTV.

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