eBay and Craigslist

Micro Persuasion speculates that the two will merge to create a P2P media giant:

eBay and Craig’s List are already the leaders in facilitating person-to-person commerce. They have also been steadily growing closer together – in August eBay acquired a 25% stake in Craig’s List. In 2005 they will take this to the next level when eBay acquires the rest of Craig’s List it doesn’t own and then enables customers to blog right on their unified site. This will usher in a new era where citizen journalism is directly funded by person-to-person commerce. eBay community bloggers will be able to earn revenues either from their own auction listings or from classified sponsors who choose to advertise on their eBay weblog. In short, eBay will empower consumers to establish a micro version of the media business model that has been around for generations, but only accessible to the big boys.

The two companies have already eaten away at one of the core underpinnings of big media – the classified advertising dollar. So it’s not hard to imagine them getting closer, empowering their customers to blog and thus closing the advertising/commerce/content circle. Consider what Dan Gillmor said earlier this year at the O’Reilly Digital Democracy Forum … “The real threat to traditional journalism isn’t blogging. It’s eBay, the largest classified ads publisher.”

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