80 Books Every Manager Should Read

800-CEO-READ Blog has a preamble from the Financial Times Book of Management (3rd Edition):

In the instant, action-oriented, pressurized world of business, books change things. They change perceptions. They change behavior. They alter expectations and aspirations. They inform. “In no other profession [besides business], not excepting the ministry and the law, is the need for wide information, broad sympathies, and directed imagination so great,” reflected Owen D. Young, then chairman of Radio Corporation and General Electric in 1929. And never has the need been greater than the present.

In no other field do books now hold such a central role in the dissemination of best practice and new concepts. Helped by the fact that business is increasingly global and the skills of management often universal, books make their way round the world, shaping the management of the future.

From the past 30 years: 1990-99, 1980-89 and 1970-79.

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