VoIP Trends

Voxilla looks back at 2004 and offers the following predictions for 2005:

1. At least one major Internet telephony service provider will merge with another.
2. Skype will become a more open network or perish.
3. Asterisk will have some competition.
4. NAT Traversal for SIP will be solved elegantly.
5. A standalone, non-provider locked VoIP adapter will be released and retail for under $50 USD.
6. The four US RBOCs will offer VoIP to their residential DSL customers.
7. Major Internet telephony service providers will announce peering agreements.
8. Cordless IP phones will be introduced in 2005.
9. The press realizes that VoIP is International.
10. The VoIP revolution will be televised.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.