A Dream Productivity App

43 Folders outlines the features wanted. Among them:

  • IMAP-like syncing – For me, the Hegelian truth between the OS vs. Web OS rhubarb is thats its both and neither. Personally, I want my important information stored on a secure server, but I want the data and its structure seamlessly sync-able to applications on the web, via wireless devices, and yeah, in my most important desktop apps. Why is there not IMAP for my address book and task outlines? Why the heck isnt there a standard calendar format that lets me collaborate with colleagues and use whatever program I want? Why do I have to learn CVS to have smart versioning on plain text? I dont know either. (insert image of Merlin angrily kicking his slippers at the television)

  • Syndicated everything via secure http – Flickr does a fantastic job of letting you pluck out just the stream of information that youre looking for (threads I’ve commented on and the Dr. Phil graffiti group are two favorites). I want the same from a productivity app. For example, I want to flag an email with a special tag and then have it generate an expirable Atom/RSS feed to follow the thread and alert me of updates (oooo…maybe via Growl, too?). And I want it secure. That means no passwords in the URL, and no way for Bloglines searchers to accidentally run across my stuff. (Oh, man, is that ever a bomb waiting to explode).

  • Smart groups and ad hoc collections – The upcoming Tiger release of Mail.app brings iTunes-like smart folders to your mail, and thats so great. But I also want a Gmail-like tagging system that lets me create multiple non-destructive groupings without multiple copies or resorting to complex hacks. I want all my stuff to reside in a big pile, and then I want smart help to script it, organize it, and associate it however I like.

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