Organising Our Information

Bambi Francisco writes:

Our own content will likely dwarf what’s currently being created by large media and the traditional providers of information.

The abundant flow of digital information on the Web is thanks in large part to all of us who are creating it, from the plethora of blogs, e-mail correspondence, instant messages, to the ever-increasing amount of digital music, photos and videos.

As everything becomes digital, the need to organize the information becomes even more urgent. That’s why I believe that organizing our digital world is not a minor feature, as some have said about desktop searching. In fact, these features will be far more useful and addicting than we think.

In a digital world, there is no delineation between video, text, audio and voice. It’ll be delivered by anyone. What does it matter who’s bringing this information to me or giving me the platform to exchange information on?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.