Verisign’s Plans

Forbes writes:

[Verisign CEO] Sclavos is betting much of VeriSign’s future on the growth in wireless. As wireless service providers rush to add services to their networks, and as people increasingly use cell phones and other wireless devices to communicate and transact business, VeriSign intends to provide the software that will make it all secure.

VeriSign’s aim has always been to provide the infrastructure services needed so that companies can communicate and handle electronic commerce over the Internet as well as voice networks. But in the 1990s, its focus was to enable secure interactions between Web sites and consumers, secure e-mail and secure extranets.

Now, Sclavos’ strategy is to bridge these voice and data services that enable business transactions–a move that will likely benefit the company’s Telecom Infrastructure Group, which handles wireless and wireline signaling, database services as well as clearing and billing.

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Rajesh Jain

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