Changing Collaboration Tools

[via Ed Brill] Network World writes:

Ozzie says a changing world of online communication and collaboration, fueled by real-time tools such as instant messaging and wikis, could drive the evolution of online collaboration in any number of directions and users will have to consider if collaboration is best controlled by those at the edge of the network as opposed to centralized IT.

Ozzie said that for his kids, e-mail is dead. They use IM. It is their e-mail. They only get e-mail from people they dont want to talk to.

He says the kids actions show that users will assemble tools in terms of what works for them and what does not. When [my kids] want to talk long distance they download Skype (a VoIP client). They experiment with blogs and wikis.

The point, he said, is that online collaboration happens at the edge of the network and not within centralized IT.

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