The Future of RSS

Richard MacManus writes: “In the not too distant future, more people will subscribe to topic/tag/remix feeds than feeds of actual people.”

He adds in a follow-up post:

The killer app for RSS probably won’t be geared towards the current ranks of bloggers and geeks. When RSS hits it big, it’ll be because ‘normal’ people start using it – your Mom and Dad, Frank from Marketing, Jessie from Payroll, Dave from the local dairy. They won’t be bloggers. They won’t be interested in writing or podcasting or anything like that. All they’ll want to do is track news and trends that are relevant to them.

Tools will evolve to let people easily set-up personalized searches for information relevant to them and subscribe to the results – using, you guessed it, RSS! Google will probably be the front-runner, PubSub will be another, current players like Bloglines and Technorati will be in amongst it, and who knows who else.

In the future RSS will still be a community enabler, but by far its biggest use will be as a means to subscribe to personalised news and other information important to the lives of non-blogging people. Examples of the information I’m talking about: stocks, bank statements, weather, information needed for one’s job, sports news, niche information (the long tail), lots of other things we can’t predict yet 😉

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