Blogs in Business

Dave Pollard writes:

The value propositions for blogs in business are:

* They make contributing information simpler, easier, and more automatic
* They make it easier to update information on a timely basis
* They make information more context rich
* They allow the authors of key business information to build and retain ‘pride of ownership’
* They make contributing information more fun, since it becomes more like ‘publishing’
* Each individual’s ‘collection’ of shared information is easy to define and assess at performance evaluation time
* They make information easier to route, to ‘subscribe’ to, to canvass and to ‘mine’

See what I mean? All nice-to-haves, but not enough urgency to survive the budget cuts.

I think, as a result, business will embrace blogs (1) when they finally do get an executive sponsor, and (2) when they have no choice. An executive sponsor who is passionate about blogs and has authority to move ‘pet’ projects forward can push blogging initiatives through even in the absence of a broad sense of urgency. The designers of blog tools could make this happen sooner if they reinvented the tools to improve worker productivity and work effectiveness — there is at least some sense of urgency about that.

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Rajesh Jain

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