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[via Greg Linden] Excerpts from a speech by Mary Lou Fulton from the Bakersfield Californian on Morph:

One of the most compelling things about the Internet is that it has given people all kinds of new ways to do things for themselves. That include do-it-yourself content (citizen journalism, blogs, user reviews, forums) advertising (Google keywords), transacting (eBay, craigslist, travel booking) and so forth. Meanwhile, newspapers persist with “we’ll do it for you.” We’ll tell you what news is important. We’ll not only sell you the advertising but we’ll design the ad for you, too. We may let you place a classified ad on our web site, but it won’t appear online until the next day when the paper comes out. How can we bring more of a “do it yourself” ethos to newspapers so that we can be part of this revolution and not just watch it pass us by?

What if we thought about it a different way, and thought of our pool of content (local, wires, syndicated content, etc) separately from a single newspaper. We could slice and dice that content differently and come up with many versions of the publication for many audiences.

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