Phones as Multmedia Clients

Ramesh Jain writes:

People started realizing that mobile phones are becoming very powerful and are likely to become a dominant device for CCC ( communication, computing and content). Computing people got into action and now you have started seeing increasing number of computer like phones appear in market. These devices even have full keyboards for interfacing with Internet and for e-mail. What is equally interesting is that these devices are suppose to be used for browsing Internet, in addition to regularly getting your e-mail, and getting even documents on these devices. I have nothing against people using inappropriate devices in some situation like using a knife as a screwdriver – so we should not be surprised about people trying to use phones for accessing their e-mail. In general, however, a phone is a poor substitute for a lap top computer. But more and more phones are taking exactly the form of a laptop. Just try putting a modern phone, particularly the clam models, next to a laptop and you will see that the phone is nothing but a smaller version of a laptop.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.